SecureLine Secure DIN Cabinet

SecureLine Secure DIN Cabinet range for saleWhat will happen with the company’s most vital documents if there is a fire or a burglary? With Secure DIN cabinet range they will be well protected from heat, flames and thieves. Available with a range of different features including multiple shelves, compartments and frames.
Fire Rated Protection Secure Doc Office III Fire Rated Protection – 30min


SecureLine Secure DIN Cabinet Features:

  • Models
    Secure DIN is an archive cabinet range available in four models, all designed to protect your documents with maximum capacity. The two larger models are available as double door versions.
  • Construction
    Secure DIN has a double wall construction, insulated with fire-resistant material. It is a professional archive cabinet with a manipulation-proof locking system. The traditional 3-way moving bolt-work (three horizontal and two vertical bolts) contributes to the overall security of the cabinet. Because of its limited weight, the Secure DIN can easily be placed in any user environment.
  • Locking
    The cabinets are equipped as standard with a high security Mauer key lock (Class A, EN 1300 / ECB•S approved) and supplied with two keys.
  • Additional Features
    As standard, the cabinets are configured with removable shelves, and for optimal utilisation of space, additional fittings are available. Lockable compartments, pull-out frames for files or extra shelves are options to customise your archive cabinet. All models are prepared for floor anchoring to increase the protection of your documents.
  • Design
    The Secure DIN cabinets will complement any office environment in colour, design and finish. They have a sophisticated modern look and are supplied in a two-tone colour powder coated finish of light and dark grey.

SecureLine Secure DIN Cabinet Specifications:

External dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)
ModelArticle No.HeightWidthDepthHeightWidthDepthVolume
DIN-size 1SL0030015007005501290585430325953
DIN-size 2SL00301195070055017805854304501204
DIN-size 3SL00302195095055017808354306401504
DIN-size 4SL0030319501260550178011454308802004

Interior Fittings:

Filing shelves, lockable compartments and pull-out frames available.

Dimensions (mm)
ShelfArticle No.HeightWidthDepth
DIN-size 1 / 2SL0035030590400
DIN-size 3SL0035330840400
DIN-size 4SL00356301115400
External dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)
Lockable compartmentArticle No.HeightWidthDepthHeightWidthDepth
DIN-size 1 / 2SL00351420560400335530335
DIN-size 3SL00354420810400335780335
DIN-size 4SL0035742011154003351095335
Dimensions (mm)
Pull out frame for filesArticle No.HeightWidthDepth
DIN-size 1 / 2SL0035280560330-350
DIN-size 3SL0035580810330-350
DIN-size 4SL00358801115330-350

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