Dominator Safes & Secure Storage Systems

Dominator Safes Plate Steel PS Series

Plate steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction of a safe. Many safes will use plate steel along with a fire resistant or concrete filling to complete the design, however, not everyone requires fire protection.

The PS Series is a steel only safe designed to provide the necessary security while eliminating the need to pay for a fire resistant safe when it is not required.


Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series

Many commercial situations require the limitation of access to a safe but may still require deposits to be made by those who don’t have access to the safe. This is where the Dominator Safes DD Series is the simplest and most effective solution. With various build, size, function and locking options, you can easily find a deposit safe that will solve your security access problems, without breaking your budget.


Dominator Safes In-Floor DF Series

When it comes to securing valuables, one of the best forms of defence is concealment. It is not possible to break into a safe if it can’t be found. This is why In Floor safes are a common option for both domestic and commercial applications. 

The Dominator Safes range of In Floor safes have multiple size and locking options and can be fitted into most commercial properties or homes.


Dominator Safes DS Series

The Dominator Safes DS Series features 60mm thick walls protecting your possessions from both fire and burglary. Available in a range of 5 different sizes with customisable features. Perfect for secure storage in the home or business.

Fire Rated Protection