Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series

Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series SafeMany commercial situations require the limitation of access to a safe but may still require deposits to be made by those who don’t have access to the safe. This is where the Dominator Safes DD Series is the simplest and most effective solution. With various build, size, function and locking options, you can easily find a deposit safe that will solve your security access problems, without breaking your budget.


Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series Features:

When access requirements are an obstacle and security is a must, the Dominator Safes deposit series provides the flexibility required to ensure an effective and efficient security solution. With the tilting deposit drawer system and internal lockable compartments, deposits can be made without having to give access to those who don’t require it.

  • 12mm solid steel door with 3mm steel body construction
  • Heavy duty lift-off hinges with fixed plate for anti-prying protection
  • Spring loaded relocking system
  • Internal bolt-down provisions
  • Secure internal lockable compartment (selected models)
  • Toothed-edge deposit pull-down drawer prevents fishing
  • Fabric-lined internal compartment
  • Multi-point hardened locking bolts
  • LaGard group 2 rated 3 wheel combination or LaGard Basic digital lock options.

Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series Specifications:

External dimensions (mm)
Lock Type
DD-140635535535La Gard Combination
DD-250835535543La Gard Digital
DD-3686508508118La Gard Digital
DD-476250850886La Gard Digital
DD-51016508508121La Gard Digital

Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series Image Gallery:

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