Deposit Safes & Secure Storage Systems

Just Safes Australia offers a range of deposit safes for whatever your needs. Additionally, Just Safes Australia can modify safes to include a deposit slot. Contact Just Safes Australia to ask about our larger in-store range and see how we can get you the best deal possible!

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Dominator Safes Deposit DD Series

Many commercial situations require the limitation of access to a safe but may still require deposits to be made by those who don’t have access to the safe. This is where the Dominator Safes DD Series is the simplest and most effective solution. With various build, size, function and locking options, you can easily find a deposit safe that will solve your security access problems, without breaking your budget.


SecureLine Secure Counter Safe

The SecureLine Secure Counter Safe provides secure storage of banknotes under counters. Tailored for retail environments, the Secure Counter Safe has become an invaluable purchase for those in the retail trade.Available in model CU-350: External Size: 235(h) x 105(w) x 190(d) mm Weight: 2,4kg Note Capacity: 350

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SecureLine Secure Deposit Container

The Secure Deposit Container features a slot for deposits and a key lock door for securing deposits. Constructed with a 8mm steel door & 3mm steel body.

Available in model TI-27KD:

External Size: 270(h) x 350(w) x 345(d) mm

Internal Size: 260(h) x 340(w) x 290(d) mm

Weight: 20kg

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